How to: Send Orders via Alta E-Order in MyBlindCo Portal

How To Send Orders Via Alta E-Order in Portal – Electronically Deliver Orders to Alta

How to Enable PO Sending via Alta E-Order:

  1. On the Menu, locate My Business. 
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow and then click on Manufacturer. 
  3. In the respective fields, enter your Company Name, Alta Account Number.
  4. Toggle on the button Enable Sending PO via EDI (changing the color from gray to green).
  5. The other fields are not mandatory, though we do recommend entering your email address in the Contact Email field, and your Alta Customer Service Representative’s email within the Ordering Email field. 
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update. 

How to Send Orders via Alta E-Order in Portal:

  1. Within the Order tab on the Menu, locate the order you want to send to Alta. 
  2. Click Actions, then View. 
  3. The Order Status should read Deposit Received, signaling you are ready to place the order.
  4. After reviewing the order details to ensure all information is correct, toggle the Order Review button on (changing the color from gray to green).
  5. Underneath the Phone field, click Generate PO
  6. Within the PO List, click Create PO
  7. The PO has been created.
  8. On the menu, click Purchase Orders.
  9. Find the PO you created for the Alta E-Order enabled products (E-Order enabled PO’s will have “EDI” at the end of the Purchase Order Number).
  10. Click Action, then click Send PO.
  11. The PO is electronically sent to Alta.
  12. The Status will automatically change to PO Sent, and you will continue to receive updates from Alta, such as In Processing and Shipped.

Some Alta products are not yet compatible with Alta EDI, though they will be in the future. When you click Generate PO, products that ARE E-Order enabled will be listed separately from the products that ARE NOT E-Order enabled.

Currently, the following products are EDI enabled and ready for Alta E-Order: 

  • Faux Woods
  • Window Shades
  • Natural Wovens
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Faux Woods Basics
  • Honeycombs
  • Roller Shade Basics
  • Natural Woven Woods
  • Wood Blinds
  • Aluminum Blinds
  • Vertical Sheers

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How to: Send Orders via Alta E-Order in MyBlindCo App

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