How To: MyBlindCo App Troubleshooting & Best Practices

MyBlindCo App Troubleshooting and Best Practices

There are two ways to access MyBlindCo: through the browser version, what we call the Portal, or through the iPad App version. The MyBlindCo app is designed to work offline, so you can create a quote/order in the home without connecting to the internet. Due to this ability to work offline, you must synchronize the App and the Portal to ensure that both methods hold the exact same data.

When we receive questions about information not showing up in the MyBlindCo app, it is almost always an issue of synchronization. Keep reading to learn about MyBlindCo App troubleshooting and best practices.


Ensure updates get synced to iPad (App version):
  1. When your iPad is connected to WIFI, click the Settings gear icon in the top right corner of the app.
  2. In the Settings menu, click Synchronize.
  3. This triggers a connection to the server, bringing quotes and orders you may have made on your iPad while offline, to the Portal version. 
Best Practices for iPad:
  1. In the morning, before beginning the work day, sign out of your app, and then back in.
  2. This syncs data, and initiates a product catalog and data download. Since we are constantly making updates to products, bug fixes, etc., we recommend this daily routine to ensure your app is always up to date.
FAQ: Why are the appointments I made in the Portal, not showing up on the iPad App? How do I fix this?

The appointments simply have not been synced between the Portal and App.

  1. Synchronize your App and Portal by clicking the Settings gear icon, then clicking Synchronize. 
  2. THEN, click on another tab in the App. The synchronization process requires a second action after clicking the Synchronize button to alert the server of synchronization. 
  3. After this process, your appointments should appear in the App Calendar.


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